Have you seen ECRU?

Have you seen ECRU? ECRU New York. Luxury haircare for your salon! ECRU New York offers prestige, curated hair and beauty products created by professional stylists and make-up artists. Anchored…
Ecru New York

Salon Culture

Salon Culture. What is your salon’s culture? Every business has one – whether it is intentional or not. We are very proud to have a business culture at Cool Beauty…
salon culture

47 ways to grow your clientele

47 Ways to grow your clientele Ask every client, “Will you send me your friends and family?” Bring your doc’s office a basket of cookies with a note that says,…
47 ways to grow your clientele

Digital is the gateway to real life.

Digital is the gateway to real life. Human connection is the most valuable asset we have in business (and in life). Customer service is the obvious first step into true…
digital is the gateway to real life

Raise Your Prices

Raise Your Prices What if every hairdresser on the planet raised their prices by $5? What would happen? The entire world would simply pay $5 more for every haircut! Client…
raise your prices