COVID-19 Salon Approach to Opening

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Salon Opening coronavirus guidelines

COVID-19 Salon Approach to Opening. The salon world is beginning to re-open slowly (state by state, city by city).

ATTENTION: All guidelines are not the same for every state. Please seek information from your state’s Board of Cosmetology, your Governor, and utilize the blog below for informational purposes only. It is the responsibility of the individual business owner to understand and perform to the standards of your state’s guidelines.


A story to begin. Recently I went into two separate supermarkets on the same day. Both businesses are operating under the same state guidelines, however my experiences were vastly different. It was a lesson in company culture and leadership.
Similarities first, both were:

  • clean
  • had proper hand sanitizers available
  • practicing social distancing
  • all employees wearing masks
  • organized, and stocked

The differences were in the performances of the employees enforcing these standards.

Supermarket #1: Upon checkout the cashier aggressively and repeatedly scorned me to “STAY BACK,” and “SIX FEET.” She wasn’t even using complete sentences. All while throwing her arm aggressively in my direction. It was startling to say the least. My anxiety shot through the roof. I began apologizing out of instinct (note: I was doing everything correctly). The payment system was ridiculous – I basically just held my breath. She was projecting whatever fears or panic she had towards me, and it worked. I left there feeling afraid to go back and with a very anxiety-filled state of mind. I looked around and other customers were experiencing similar behaviors. Some customers were rolling their eyes. Some were arguing back. Some seemed to be silently panicking, like me.

Supermarket #2: Upon entering the building I was greeted by a masked employee holding a massive jug of hand sanitizer. Her voice was loud and chipper as she was orchestrating a line to enter the store (6 ft apart). Her authority was polite, specific, and inviting. Everyone paid attention and listened, formed a line, and patiently waited. When it was my turn to enter she offered hand sanitizer to me and gave quick instructions on what to expect inside. The customers were polite to each other inside, waiting nicely to enter and exit aisles. The attitude she projected as we entered the store was obviously contagious to the customers. It was a very pleasant and normal experience with the cashier (we maintained 6 ft distance without yelling at each other). I left feeling relieved and happy.

Both supermarkets followed guidelines exactly. One left me feeling anxious and panicked, one left me feeling happy and relieved. Which will your business be?

Remember: you can sense the smile through the mask!! Always smile at clients.

NOVA Salons have taken the approach outlined below to encourage safe and healthy business practices for our staff and clients. We have had digital meetings to discuss the new normal, and begin dialogue coaching. We won’t know exactly how it will look/feel when clients come through our doors the first time, but all of us will be ready to act like supermarket #2.

NOVA Salons Client Information Sheet – this was emailed to all clients when we announced our first date back to accommodate appointments. It will also be printed and displayed throughout the salon. 

KY Salon Client guidelines covid-19

Employees Standards – The following three pages will be signed and stored in each employee’s file.

salon staff standards covid-19

tool sanitation standards KY covid-19


We have chosen to utilize for our client/staff daily questionnaire.
Feel free to take a look here:

NOVA Salons Questionnaire


Please remember: everyone has experienced the trauma of the COVID-19 quarantine. Some have been in their homes the entire time. Some have worked harder than they ever have. Some home schooled their children, etc. All of our experiences are different. It would be wise to expect people (clients and staff) to trigger easily.

Let’s agree to approach everyone with empathy, respect, and kindness as we dive into our new normal.

coronavirus hand wash salon sign

We have two main reasons for adhering to the new guidelines:

  1. The actual safety of our staff and clients! We want everyone to remain healthy.
  2. The client perception of preparedness and cleanliness as we conduct business. Consumer confidence is extremely valuable. It can be quickly earned or lost at a time like this.


If you have any questions I WOULD LOVE TO ASSIST!! Please comment below and I will answer : )


Thank you for choosing Cool Beauty Consulting – we deeply value your business and wish your salon health, happiness, and success!!

Salon Opening coronavirus guidelines

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