It takes a village!

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It takes a village!

We’ve all heard the old adage a million times! It takes a village. Usually we are talking about raising kids. And man-o-man I know this to be true. Our family grew to 4 kids under 4-yrs-old in about three years. IT TAKES A VILLAGE!! Thank goodness for the village because I wouldn’t be able to do it without them! : )

The same is incredibly true with our businesses! Whether you’re talking about 1 chair or 5 large locations. It takes a village! You need clients, referrals, retail products, professional products, booking systems, front desk team, management team, great stylists, mentors, consultants, education classes, etc. The list goes on and on. All on top of being an incredible hairdresser every day. We all need our business village.

Quick imaginary story: You’re 22-28 years old. You’ve been in 6 of your friend’s weddings. Bought the bridesmaid dress, gone to the bachelorette party, bought presents for two bridal showers, took off work multiple time to be there for all 6 brides. You’ve been there.

Now it’s your turn to get married. You ask all 6 to be in your wedding. 5 jump into action – same way you did over the past years. Then there is that 1 friend. She complains about the cost, doesn’t attend the events, gets her dress altered last minute, and doesn’t come to the rehearsal. You were a part of her village and she wasn’t a part of yours. Now, we won’t get petty. You let it go. You’re happy either way. But, you probably won’t be texting her this weekend anymore.

Compare this story to business: Every company that you spend money with is incredibly important. Your money has power. Every time you spend money with a business you are choosing to transfer your power to them. You are contributing to their village. We are honored every time you do this with Cool Beauty!! Thank YOU!! We aim to be the best of the best in supporting you and your business (maid of honor status!)

My question is this: Are there any companies that you are currently empowering with your money that are not contributing to your business-village. You know – that girl (bad bridesmaid). She was an awesome friend in high school and college, but now, eh.

Here is how Cool Beauty chooses who we purchase from (the brands we represent). It’s simple.

  • Do they support salons?
  • Do they support their distributors in a meaningful way, so we can support salons?
  • Is the product performance awesome?
  • Simply put: are they willing to contribute to our village?

Thank you for being a part of the Cool Beauty Family! We deeply value your business.

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it takes a village

it takes a village

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