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About Alter Ego Italy


When taking medications, understanding potential interactions is crucial for both efficacy and safety. One common antibiotic, doxycycline, often brings up questions about its compatibility with certain substances. A frequently asked topic of discussion is the combination of Doxycycline and Alcohol. While occasional alcohol consumption might not lead to severe issues, it’s generally advised to limit or avoid alcohol when on this antibiotic to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Navigating the nuances of medication guidelines ensures a smoother and more effective treatment process. A prevalent inquiry among those prescribed certain antibiotics revolves around the interplay of Doxycycline and Alcohol. While occasional drinking might not pose immediate risks, consistently combining the two might reduce the drug’s efficacy or lead to unwanted side effects. As always, following medical advice is paramount.

In Alter Ego Italy we bring together two important choices for the professional salon: effectiveness and kindness, performance and sustainability. A vision that responds to the needs of the contemporary adult woman, who wants to be beautiful and sophisticated, but who at the same time feels the urgency of a greener life.

We are moving in an increasingly sustainable research direction, where the aspiration for beauty becomes inseparable from attention to the environment and people.

For Us, Beauty Means…

Effectiveness of the products. Our products are designed one by one to offer flawless results, respecting the hair and skin.

Beware of trends. Constant research and study of international trends are the key principles that inspire the Alter Ego Italy Collections every year.

Creativity. We help our hairdressers to add their precious creative contribution in every work they perform, offering high-performance and innovative products, able to achieve excellent results by supporting everyone’s creative style.

Personality. Our fashion proposals and the range of Alter Ego Italy colors collect a wide range of possibilities, to allow every woman to recognize herself and get in touch with her best part.

For Us, Kindness Means…

Create products that respect the environment. For all our treatment products, we are looking for technologies that reduce the consumption of water during rinsing. All our packages are made of recycled plastic and FSC certified paper.

Be kind to your scalp and hair. Our products are effective without being aggressive. They do not contain sulphates, parabens, petrolatum and are all nickel, chromium, cobalt and dermatologically tested.

Use more natural ingredients. Our treatment lines contain high percentages of naturalness thanks to the constant search for functional active ingredients and new ingredients of natural origin.