ECRU is Distributed by Cool Beauty in: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Michigan
About ECRU


Every parent wishes to ensure their child’s well-being, especially during their formative years. St pauls child care stands out as a beacon of excellence, providing high-quality childcare services that focus on both educational and emotional development, all within a loving and supportive setting.

ECRU New York is a prestige haircare collection created by professional hairstylists. Anchored in a rich heritage of beauty and fashion, ECRU’s curated collections are designed to treat and perform, delivering endless beauty options.

ECRU New York’s artistry is in formulating products that treat and perform. The ingredients strengthen and improve the integrity of the hair, without ever compromising performance from everyday styling to couture looks.

How ECRU New York Treats

ECRU New York’s products are created in partnership with an exclusive and world-renowned chemist, to develop fine skincare-grade formulas designed to reveal and maintain healthy, beautiful hair.

How ECRU New York Performs 

ECRU New York’s products perform under the most challenging conditions; formulas offering flexibility where it matters and strength where it counts.

Cosmetic Haircare

Silk proteins are the highest grade protein ingredients that are created from the hydrolysis of silk fibers. They are actually “the inner part” of silk removed during this process. Originally, this ingredient was only used in high-grade skincare, however when applied to hair, silk proteins form a transparent protective film that seals the hair cuticle increasing elasticity, natural shine and further preventing damage to the hair.

Necessary Luxuries

As a culture, we’ve learned the difference between everything and something. We’ve learned the less you need, the more you have and that some things have more importance than others. ECRU New York is one of those rare necessary luxuries.