Lakmē is a company inspired by beauty. Hair is a fundamental element of our personality. Health, well-being and the search for our own personal look are the essential values that guide us towards the hair’s natural beauty.

With the development of our products, we aim to bring these values to fruition in hairdressing, through professional creativity and the infinite possibilities that hair provides.

Available in: IL, IN, OH, KY, MI

Lakme Teknia Color Stay Shampoo

Teknia Color Stay Shampoo

by Lakmē
Lakeme Conditioner L2

Master Care L2 Conditioner

by Lakmē
Lakme Kstyle Shape

K.Style Shape Brushing Lotion

by Lakmē
Lakme Kstyle Top10

K.Style Top-Ten Style-Care Balm

by Lakmē

K.STYLE is Lakmē’s solution to creating volume, shine and texture. With there are no more excuses for not obtaining the most creative, trend-setting finishes in the world.

K.therapy is the complete family of Lakme treatments that deals with the main problems of the hair and scalp as well as providing a feeling of comfort and well-being, thanks to its spa components and soothing fragrances.

TEKNIA is the high-tech line from Lakmē for hair care and hydration. The TEKNIA improved formula has been prepared with carefully selected natural ingredients and using the most advanced technology to develop a range of shampoos, conditioners and treatments capable of restoring original qualities to all kinds of hair.

Collage is a color magic with flawless grey coverage, intense, deep, lasting, vibrant color from the most natural to the boldest. Coloring after coloring, Collage preserves, protects, and maintains the integrity of the hair.

For demi-permanent, tone-on-tone coloring, the solution is Gloss; a range of more than 45 shades opening the door to more customized creations with bright, vibrant, lasting colors.

Chroma is Lakmē’s ammonia-free permanent hair color. Developed with high-performance technology, it delivers intense, vibrant, lasting color.

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