Raise Your Prices

raise your prices

Raise Your Prices

Paula Henson Raise Your Prices

What if every hairdresser on the planet raised their prices by $5? What would happen? The entire world would simply pay $5 more for every haircut! Client satisfaction would soar. Hairdressers and salons would make more money. Raise your prices. People pay more. Seems so simple. Yet at every business seminar I teach for salons and hairdressers I hear resistance to the idea. Nervousness over client’s reactions or perception. Fear that clients will leave. The undervaluing of the industry has often begun with our own minds.

You have to be willing to let go of who you are, to become who you want to be!”

This quote doesn’t have a specific known author, and it has ignited a passion in me the last 5 years of my career.

Here’s my story:

My career as a hairdresser has taken many turns. I was barely 20 when I began working at NOVA Salon in Louisville, KY (formerly Hair by Bennie and Friends). Not long after I began volunteering at hairdressing education events – I instantly fell in love. Over the past 16+ years I have been an educator, product specialist, education director, public speaker, business trainer, John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, and now co-owner of Cool Beauty Consulting. During this ride I slowly lessened my days behind the chair with traditional clients and increased my time working with other salons.

Raise Your Prices

The more I have traveled the hair world, the more I felt a need (a pull) to be able to connect with more hairdressers. You see, I accidentally fell into the wonderfulness that is NOVA Salon. It wasn’t a perfect plan that landed me here among the hairdressers that would shape me into who I am today. I was lucky! Mind you, I took advantage of the luck by working incredibly hard and taking every opportunity that was laid out in front of me. The more I see the more I realize that not all salons are like NOVA, and I have a deep internal desire to affect the most positive change that I can to our industry.

Raise your prices

Vision: to have every salon and stylist be empowered to take charge of their futures, charge more, sell more, lead more, inspire each other, unite for common causes, and take control of their destiny! Empowered people, empower people. We need more of this in the salon industry! I am tired of seeing salons close because the profit margin wasn’t built in high enough, or a staff walks out, or there weren’t enough clients. We need leadership. We need higher prices. We need more retail sales. We need to support each other in this mission.

So today, I am launching a new class as a part of a long term dream of mine. Online learning for every hairdresser!

I wanted to be able to reach more hairdressers than the ones that worked at NOVA, so I started traveling and teaching. I wanted to reach more hairdressers that the ones that were in my audience at product classes, so I got certified in leadership training. I wanted to reach more hairdressers than were in my market for Cool Beauty, so I began teaching at other industry events. I wanted to reach more hairdressers than the ones that were at industry events, so I began to learn about creating online classes. And, here we are.

Online EVERYONE can have access to the empowering information that has fueled my career behind the chair. EVERYONE can have the freedom in their career to soar!

We filmed the content for this class in front of a live audience in Springfield, IL. About 90 hairdressers spent 4 hours with me learning how to Raise Their Prices and Build Their Clientele. This is the first class to come from this live event. MORE TO COME!!

This class is free. Please share it with EVERY HAIRDRESSER YOU KNOW!! In order to continue to elevate our industry we must lift each other up. The more you raise your prices the more permission you give others to do the same.
Follow this link to enjoy the free RAISE YOUR PRICES ONLINE CLASS:

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