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Cool Beauty Consulting is dedicated to building relationships that empower growth and success!

Set a goal. A mission that is so meaningful that it creates a drive inside of you. A drive to become better and stronger! Align yourself with people that can assist you with your dream. Because your goals matter, and dreams can become reality!

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Leadership Team
Bennie Pollard


  • Author of Small Business for The Rest of Us
  • Two-Time North American Hairstyling Award Winner (NAHA)
  • Salon Owner of Award Winning NOVA Salon in Louisville, KY
  • 25 plus years in the beauty industry as a hairdresser, salon owner, manufacturer, and distributor
  • Overall dude and diggity-dog
“There is greatness in every single one of us, sometimes we need to be reminded of it!”
Jeff Petro


  • Salon Business Growth Specialist
  • 25 plus years as an Award Winning Salon Consultant
  • Director of Sales at Cool Beauty Consulting
  • Business ninja with swords of shampoo
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Paula Henson


  • Director of Education at Cool Beauty Consulting
  • 18 plus years as a hairdresser, product specialist, and platform artist
  • High energy
  • Loves to think outside of the box. Who built this box anyway?
“…because I have this crazy idea that my purpose is bigger than me!”
Brenda Norton


  • 13 years in beauty distribution and manufacturing
  • Expertise in marketing, communications, and systems management
  • She loves spiders and breadcrumbs. If you’re reading this, mail some to her! For real. Mail her some.
“Attitudes are contagious, make yours worth catching!”
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