Izutech is Distributed by Cool Beauty in: Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee
About Izutech

IZUTECH began as the brainchild of Jin Choi, an accomplished designer and a savvy entrepreneur. His vision was to design and produce only the finest of hot styling tools, with innovative technology that fulfills the needs of every discerning Salon Professional. This dream became reality in 2014 with the launch of IZUTECH. The company has since grown to become one of the most respected providers of hot tools in the beauty industry.

Our success undoubtedly lies in a passionate, highly focused approach to product design. We have zeroed in on the essential items that a stylist requires and strived to develop quality products that meet and surpass those needs through the very latest in innovation

IZUTECH® VULCANN MX is the state-of-the-art dryer that boasts exceptional power and performance wrapped up in an ultra-lightweight package less than 1 lb in weight. Its strong airflow and high heat rapidly dries all hair types and textures and styles the hair in an instant!

Feather Weight: This professional dryer weighs under 1 lb, eliminating stress on the stylist’s shoulders and back.

3 Heat Settings: Super-hot (80°-240°F), quickly dries all textures of hair.The light indicator shows clearly what temperature you are working with.

Smart BLDC Motor: The brushless BLDC 1875W motor spins at an incredible 110,000 RPM and offers three air flow settings. It spins faster than a traditional AC dryer and can last five times as long. Up to 10,000 hours!

Shine Generator: 20 million negative ions help seal the hair’s cuticle layers, producing a healthy and silky appearance with unsurpassed shine.

2 Magnetic Nozzles: 2.00 & 2.50 inch magnetic nozzles and hair diffuser are perfect options for all styling and smoothing needs.

Silicon Sleeve: The unique sleeve allows the stylist to safely hold the dryer in different positions, reducing bodily stress while maneuvering across all textures and lengths of hair.

3 Air Filters: The micro filter and two additional filters make it almost impossible for the hair to tangle in the dryer.

Reverse Air-Flow Cleaning Mode: Self-cleaning reverse air flow removes any buildup of dust, product, or hair in the dryer that might affect performance. This helps extend the life of the dryer.

Cold Shot: This feature locks in all styling techniques and hair shapes.

KTX®450 are a range of superior quality, titanium plated irons. They are perfect for all styling techniques, with the 1.25-inch version being specifically designed to support professional smoothing treatments. They are fast heating with the ability to provide temperatures of up to 450°F, making them ideal for all textures of hair. Turn on the power and your iron will be ready in seconds!

Keratin Specialized : The best at smoothing & straightening treatments that demand stable and consistent temperature. Ensures optimum results of the treatment.

Titanium Plates : Quick and even heat distribution. Extremely durable and resistant to chemical corrosion.

Korean Rapid Digital Heater : Accelerated heat up and zero recovery time, guaranteeing the consistent performance needed for all styling and smoothing techniques

Fiberglass-Poly Housing : Resists high heat and has a non-slip finish. Warp-free and highly durable.

Dual Voltage : Style during your travels. KTX450 works perfectly in 120V and 220V.

Extra-Extra-Long Barrel Curling Iron. The perfect tool for all curly and wavy styling techniques. The GlamPro430 heating barrel makes it ideal when styling all hair lengths and leaves it with an unsurpassed shine.