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About Kemon

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It’s a story of commitment, not only to being at the forefront of innovation but also to family and tradition. Kemon is true to itself and visionary: hair fashion becomes a lifestyle choice and the products an expert blend of science and nature. Beauty is uniqueness and melds substance and form, like the two sides of the same coin.

Our mission is to spread the culture of beauty and to inspire the beauty that creates culture. A beauty that is free from stereotypes and enhances uniqueness: a sustainable and lasting, true and visionary beauty.

We believe the cosmetic industry will experience a new cultural transformation toward promoting a truer and more innovative concept of beauty: rich in educational values and a herald of content. In this scenario, we want to be the reference in supporting and guiding hairdressers through their professional evolution.

True. Visionary. Beauty.

Actyva Coloro

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Demi-permanent hair color treatment endowed with strong illuminating and silkening properties that gives a new meaning to the concept of hair color. The color range consists of 43 shades divided into 10 color series, plus 3 correctors/intensifiers and 1 Gloss.

Actyva Coloro Demi-Permanent Color ushers in multiple color services in the salon, both for natural and cosmetically treated hair, guaranteeing unique performance even when it comes to grey/white coverage, and preserving its high conditioning and silkening power in all circumstances.

Actyva Coloro Demi-Permanent Color introduces the new MpH technology that modulates the pH of the color mixture depending on the activator used. Thus, the same product can be utilized to achieve different results and meet multiple needs.

Cramer Color System

Permanent & Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Cramer Color, a brand that has been around since 1965, and encapsulates Kemon’s long history in hair color, is renewing itself and expanding to reiterate its position as a reliable partner for safe and dependable hair coloring.

The addition of tone-on-tone technology has transformed it into a complete integrated system that will support your salon’s diverse hair color service needs. The two products, with their synergistic shades, the coconut oil, which is contained in abundance in the color cream, and the exclusive Shield technology will let you achieve the full potential of each shade, breathe life into each tone and personalize each color, safe in the knowledge that the result will be unique and always perfect.

Every shade, every service, and every color you propose becomes an easy and infallible choice with Cramer Color System.

Lunex System

Blonding and Lightening

Lunex System is the professional bleaching system designed to build awareness and knowledge of the world of hair lightening. Its specific products enriched with protective ingredients allow safe and dependable lightening to create perfect blondes.

Blonde hair has a timeless, irresistible appeal, so much so that many yesterday and today’s divas made, and make, their blonde mane the epitome of femininity and seduction.

Blonde is an attitude, a color that more than any other shade today unites different mindsets and styles across the board. The concept of blonde has evolved from generation to generation: from Marilyn Monroe’s iconic platinum blonde hair to currently multifaceted and increasingly personalized blonde hues.

Yo Color System

Demi-Permanent Hair Color

Ammonia-free and enriched with yoghurt extract and soothing organic medicinal plants, Yo Color System is the new way to handle hair coloring. The Yo Color line consists of 3 synergistic products:

NaYo (Alkaline pH/colors natural regrowth) Completely covers the natural roots with a formula that is gentle and highly tolerated by the scalp.

Yo Green (Neutral pH/ tones color-treated mid-shafts and ends) Restores the level and tone of sensitized hair by conditioning and restructuring it.

Yo Cond (Acidic pH/ maintains and extends color life from roots to ends) Enhances tones and nourishes hair, making it lustrous and silky soft due to its conditioning and restructuring properties.