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Spring and Summer: the seasons for tan! Tan arms, tan legs, tan faces, and tanned dreams! Offering tanning products for your client in your salon is a fantastic option for additional revenue, happy clients, and (of course) a glorious tan for yourself. Mr & Mrs Tannie sold by Cool Beauty Consulting

Kelly Whitlock (Social Media/Marketing Director for Cool Beauty) recently embarked on her personal tanning journey with Mr & Mrs Tannie. Kelly’s experience working for brands such as Mirabella, Chanel, Dior, Esteé Lauder, Becca, Lano, and others has set her up as the perfect expert to review the Mr and Mrs Tannie Salon Tan Products.


I’m on a mission to find a glamorous summer glow without taking time off work to vacation at the beach or turning orange from cheap self-tanners or spending a lot of money. I also have dry, sensitive skin and tend to get stinky after applying most self-tanners. I’ve done a little research about various brands and ingredients and decided to give “Mr & Mrs Tannie” a two-week trial. Here is what I found out about this brand and the five products I tried.

First of all, I fell in love with the teal green vintage, beachy vibe packaging. It was cheerful! All of the products are vegan and cruelty free and use ingredients like aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, rose water, and jojoba oil. All good things and great for my dry skin!

Mr and Mrs Tannie ProductsDAY ONE: I started by using the Exfoliating mitt and Exfoliating shower gel. The gel smelled fresh and clean and breezy. The combo of the mitt and exfoliating gel made my skin so smooth and soft, not dry or tight.  After the shower I applied the Foamy Body Butter all over, head to toe.  The foam was like a whipped cream texture and it spread quickly and evenly.  It soaked in and didn’t leave a sticky or greasy residue. It smelled amazing, fresh and light, and clean.  I became a fast fan and can see myself using it all summer.


DAY TWO: I applied the Gradual Whipped Tan Mousse with the Tanning mitt. This formula is a fast absorbing, whipped mousse. It is tinted so you can see where you are applying it, or if there were spots missed. I love this feature, it’s like a little cheat sheet. The tint is warm, golden, and it does get darker over the suggested 4-8 hour development period. I didn’t notice a fragrance when I applied it. Over the suggested developing time there was minimal scent and only transferred to the neck of my t-shirt.

DAY THREE: I showered in the morning using regular shower gel.  I did not exfoliate.  I applied the Body Butter after my shower and was pleased with the color of the first application.  I continued to use the Body Butter over the next 10 days, it was very moisturizing and quick absorbing.  I applied the Whipped Tan Mousse several more times and built a nice warm, glamorous summer glow. My skin looked healthy and dewy and moisturized.  At the end of my 10-day trial I definitely felt #poolsideready.

Mr and Mrs Tannie ProductsMr & Mrs Tannie are top quality, high performance products.  These products offer a next level self-tanning experience at home with a salon finish and skincare benefits.

Give these products a try, you be happy that you did!

#getyourglowon #poolsideready

Review conducted by: Kelly Whitlock

Based on advanced skincare science and craftmanship – Mr & Mrs Tannie offers the perfectly seamless, streak free desired result and even fade. In a complete series of easy to apply, quick dry, light and delicate moisture-boosting self-tan products, with no self-tan smell.

Mr & Mrs Tannie is designed to fit all skin types, even the most sensitive skin. Through using carefully selected raw materials with superior quality, Mr & Mrs Tannie gives you the most natural color and glow.

Common Tannie Questions answered:

Q: Which Tannie products offer the strongest color, and which the lightest?

A: Lotion leaves the strongest tan, followed by Whipped Mousse, and the Mist is the lightest.

Q: Which Tannie products would you recommend for face use?

A: Technically all products can be used over the entire body – however, the Mist and Serum are built perfectly for the subtle build of color that looks nice on the face and chest.

Q: Which Tannie products have NO TANNING ability? Ya know, the stuff that is just great body care?

A: Exfoliating Shower Gel and Body Butter do NOT offer any tan to the skin. They are perfect for use for every skin type.

Q: So, you’re telling me that Mr and Mrs Tannie doesn’t smell like self tanner? It actually smells good?

A: The self-tanner-smell is much milder with Mr and Mrs Tannie! And yes – the Shower Gel and Body Butter smell amazing!!

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