State of the Salon Industry

State of the Salon Industry


FIRST: Hairdressers and salons have THRIVED since the world began to re-launch after the Covid shutdown. Sure, there have been some ups-and-downs for all of us; we’ve mourned, celebrated, cried, laughed, and felt everything more than ever before, but WE MADE IT! And, the state of the salon industry is positive.

The salon industry has come out of this pandemic with an incredibly strong public reputation based on our response to safety standards and the entrepreneurial thinking that kept our businesses alive.

We salute you. You are incredible! We see you.


STATE OF SHIPPING state of the salon industry

Fedex, UPS, USPS, Amazon, DHL, etc.
Everyone is in the same boat, and it’s a slow-moving boat.

Pre-covid, most of our market had a 1-day-ship time, and certain areas a 2-day-ship.
We are experiencing an increase in shipping days for everyone.

Logistics is the wild, wild west.
– We’ve seen transit times up to 5-7 days.
– We’ve seen packages arrive next day that should be taking 2 days.
– We’ve seen an increase of multi-box packages being delivered on separate days.
– We are still seeing a majority of our packages moving at traditional speeds.

Salon shipping

Please note: when your order arrives in our warehouse by 1:00pm EST (12:00pm CST)
it will still ship the same day – LIKE ALWAYS!!
Our warehouse team is GLORIOUS, and your orders are leaving our building on time.


STATE OF PRICING state of the salon industry

Inflation is a bit-of-a-beast right now.
There is good reason to expect mid-year price increases.
We will alert you via email if/when this will affect our brands.

*There are some graphs at the bottom of this blog that showcase the increased supply costs. We wanted you to keep reading, so we put them at the bottom. : )


STATE OF BACKORDERSstate of the salon industry

Remember when everyone panicked about toilet paper, and then we had none. Sooooooooo, we are kind-of recommending that you over-order. Just-a-bit. 
Not to the extent that you may have with toilet paper, but some.

If you know you can’t live without it, buy a little extra.
If you typically carry 2-3 weeks of inventory, prepare to carry 4-5 weeks of inventory.

With extended shipping times for ground, express, and freight: it’s safe to expect the unexpected, and plan accordingly. Have some safety-stock.

Salon Backorders 2021

We are REALLY PROUD of this chart! Compared to 2019 we have only seen an increase of 0.07% in our backorders!!

Word-on-the-street is that this is not the same everywhere.

Thank you to our manufacturers for keeping the stock coming. And thank you to BRENDA at COOL BEAUTY for her incredible diligence in predicting, planning, and sourcing all the supplies we need to keep salons thriving!

We understand salons! We are you!

And we know that if you don’t have bleach, 20 vol, 6.0, 7.0, root lifter, and hairspray then your world IS-NOT-OKAY!

Feel free to order as much as you would like – we are not limiting supplies to our salons. Please know: this isn’t a toilet paper situation.
We’ve got you covered, and are also recommending that you cover yourself too.

Have some safety-stock.

Tell all your friends. : )


STATE OF EDUCATIONstate of the salon industry

We have options for you!

Digital – Cool Beauty (REF, SachaJuan, Business)
Digital – Eufora
Digital – Cezanne
Digital – Ecru New York

In-person education is back!!!

There’s a lot of opportunity to join the education teams for all of our brands!
Currently there are more education requests than there are educators.

NOW is the perfect time to expand your career and jump into education! Upload your resume here.


Just so you know:

We think hairdressers are smart and powerful.
We believe in you.
We are honored to be on your team.


The graphs that were mentioned above.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Hair Salon Pricing 2021

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State of the Salon Industry

state of the salon industry

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