Look after your talents

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Let’s talk to you about talent. People throw that word around easily as if it isn’t important or as if it doesn’t mean anything. I also hear the phrase, talent is overrated. There are a myriad of different things regarding the subject of talent.

Talent itself, in my humble opinion, is like a wonderful little child that needs to be cared for and nourished so that it can grow and become. You see, if you were born with a small amount of talent and you encourage it and nourish it and look after it, it can grow into a bigger amount of talent. And then you continue to nourish and grow and it turns into even more talent. And so on. The only way to really become is to look at your strengths, i.e. your talents, and truly look after them. Truly grow them. Each and every one of us have different types of talent. Whatever yours is, I encourage you to look after it.

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