47 ways to grow your clientele

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47 ways to grow your clientele

47 Ways to grow your clientele

  1. Ask every client,

    “Will you send me your friends and family?”

  2. Bring your doc’s office a basket of cookies with a note that says,

    “You take such good care of me, allow me to take care of you!”
    include a bunch of business cards.

  3. Repeat #2 at your dentist, massage therapist, chiropractor, acupuncturist, etc. Anywhere you receive services.
  4. Get specific. Ask clients about their friend’s hair. Tell them you specialize in that type of hair. Ask for the business.
  5. Always have business cards on you. When you see someone with good hair compliment them and offer your services. This should happen 5 times a day easily. Get out there.
  6. Keep your social media up to date and professional with hair pics. Tag your salon and stay connected with your salon’s content.
  7. Create videos to help your clients with styling their hair at home! Post them. Tag your favorite brands to try to get re-posted.
  8. Look at all your current clients and their history with you.
    • Is there opportunity for color or highlights that they haven’t received in a while?
    • Is there opportunity for a retail sale that hasn’t happened in months?
    • Is there an opportunity for conditioning services?
    • Do they need a wax?
  9. Offer more. Every client. Every time. Offer every service you can. Work fast so you have time to accommodate the add-ons.
  10. Be nice to everyone. In the salon. Out of the salon. Everywhere! This is a very social industry. Create a reputation for being the nicest human on the planet. This will come back to you ten fold.

  11. Connect with all the small businesses in your area. Offer them your services. Offer to support each other. Do this in person and on social media.
  12. Walk around and hand out your cards. What has sitting in the breakroom ever gotten you?
  13. BE HELPFUL. To everyone. Always. So when you need help you will receive it. And because it’s the right thing to do.
  14. Go to a class to learn a new technique. Speed is key. Inspiration is priceless.
  15. Stay motivated. Your excitement is infectious and people will be drawn to it like a magnet.

  16. Make a list of 10 hair techniques that you are excellent at achieving! Focus your next 10 posts on this list. Brag about your skills and people will seek you out.
  17. Be consistent. In everything. Consistently on time, happy, helpful, with your techniques, with your dialogue, with your professional image, etc.
  18. Try hard. Always. Try harder than everyone else. Make it obvious. Try really hard. People (clients, bosses, peers, spouses, etc) love to reward effort. Especially consistent effort.
  19. Serve. Serve. Serve. Sell. Make sure to ask for the business when you are out there being your awesome self. Some people may not realize that you are actively seeking new clients.
  20. “I really love your (hair)(look)(style)(vibe). I’m a hairdresser at _____ salon, and I specialize in work like this. I’d love to do your hair. Here is my card.”

    A genuine compliment can lift someone’s day, week, month, year. You never know the powerful affect you can have on someone. Compliment, then ask for the sale.

  21. Find nurses. They are great clients. Contact hospitals. Do something special for National Nurses Day.
  22. List your top 15 clients. The amazing personalities that receive multiple services and purchase retail. Plan a conversation that you will have with them the next time they are in your chair.

    “I want you to know how much I love doing your hair! You always brighten my day! If I had it my way all of my clients would be just like you. Do you have any awesome friends that you can send my way? I’d love to treat them special.”

  23. Together Tuesdays. (Or whatever day on your book is the weakest) Any current client can bring a new client and they both get 50% off their haircut. Fill your weak spots. Remember to offer more services while they are there. Always.
  24. Look nice for work. If you don’t care about your appearance why would anyone in your chair see value in theirs with you?

  25. Show up early. Stay late. Accept every opportunity.
  26. Find your local modeling agency. Offer to do a free hair workshop for their newly enrolled models (or any of their models). Offer styling tips and expert hair advice on how to keep hair healthy. After they see the value you offer ask them to become your clients at the salon.
  27. Have a good great attitude. Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe. What are you attracting?
  28. Collaborate with other artists. Photographers are a fav. People always want to look their best for their photos. Offer your services for their photo shoots. A great way to meet new people. Cross-promote each other.
  29. Make a list of everyone you would invite to your wedding. Instead invite all of these people to become your client if they aren’t already. Phone call. Email. Card in the mail. Personal visit to their house.
  30. You chose a public career. So you are always representing your salon and your work – no matter where you are. Present yourself accordingly.
  31. Help your teammates grown, learn, and become more. They are your support system, not your competition.
  32. Send handwritten notes. At every opportunity. Connect and build relationships. That is what this industry is really all about.
  33. Deliver excellent work to everyone. Always.
  34. Sell retail. This is important. It is an instant measuring stick to see if the client trusts your recommendations. If they don’t trust you they will not keep coming back.

  35. Love of your current clients. They have paid your bills thus far. Thank them often. Treat them as special as you would a new client.
  36. Offer everything always – even if you think they may not be able to afford it. That is their decision, not yours. Always offer. Similar to #9
  37. Practice your dialogue. Practice your sales pitch. So when you get the opportunity to use it – you are ready.
  38. Talk to everyone at every party you attend. Be genuinely interested in them. Ask what they do. Share what you do. Ask for them to be your client.
  39. Find teachers – if you have kids this is easy. Be awesome to them. Help them. Ask them to be your client.
  40. Styling Labs – duh – if you don’t know what a Styling Lab is, ask your Cool Beauty Consultant.
  41. Ask all of your female clients if they will send their husband into your salon. Men are incredibly loyal clients.

  42. Do kids hair – they grow up into adults. Treat them amazing. Their mom will reward you with her loyalty.
  43. Raise your prices. You will attract a high clientele. Deliver exceptional services and customer service.
  44. If you mess up, admit it. Fix it. Ask for help. Everyone already knows you messed up. Why hide it?
  45. Offer to take care of the friends and family of your front desk team!!
  46. Donate a gift certificate to your local school’s festivals and fundraisers!! Almost free publicity.
  47. Be a good human. It truly is the only way to continually win. It is the only way to truly have long-term gain. If you need to apologize to someone do it.

47 Ways to grow your clientele!

Thank you for being a part of the Cool Beauty Family! We deeply value your business.

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