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Sleigh Salon Holiday! Here are over 30 ideas that will get your brain in holiday-sales-mode! Every salon’s culture and systems have a different spin on it. You will be able to take these ideas, mix them together, and create your own holiday stew! : )

Put your creativity thinking hat on and dive in with us!! Let’s Sleigh Salon Holiday!

If you’d like to watch the 1 hour class about Sleigh Salon Holiday, shared by Paula Henson and Jessica Kocurek, click here: IGTV  FACEBOOK

Crush Q4 – Goals

You know your number from 2019 Holiday, and this is generally where we create similar goals from. What if, instead of looking at past performance to guide our goals, we create them based on the $$$ we want to bring in!

What if we aimed out goals in a manner that would allow us to recoup our losses from the shutdown?

Have a plan to “CRUSH IT”

Looking for more specific math? Check out our promotion calculator here:  It provides you with math for an 8-week promotion period. This holiday sales season will be longer than 8 weeks, but it is a great place to start. It also give you a basic formula for setting stylist goals.

Have weekly focuses on social media and in the salon – amp up the game as we get closer to the end

Have a separate focus just for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday.

Why I Buy – who are we marketing for?

Have a plan to market and sell to all types of purchasers.

  • Early Buyers
  • Convenience purchasers
  • Small business supporters
  • Last minute shoppers
  • Big spenders
  • Medium spenders
  • Self-shopper
  • All Holidays through the season

Open House – could you do this virtually?

Create a buzz virtually – pick someone in your salon who LOVES to be on camera:

  • Have a moderator to watch questions coming in and foster engagement.
  • Have a QVC mentality (watch it to practice)
  • Show gifts sets
  • Show and give tutorials on tools – how to use them
  • Reward the live watcher
  • Do a giveaway for followers – Do this live.
  • Have followers tag 3 friend to get more viewers
  • Have a CALL TO ACTION – continually tell live watcher how to purchase what you are selling.

After live event is over:

  • Answer all questions from feed.
  • Send inbox messages to participants – engage with them!

SachaJuan LavendarBlock Party

  • Move your event outside – like a cool Farmer’s Market Vibe
  • Create an outdoor wonderland!
          • Hot chocolate & Shopping.

Gift Wrapping

Pre-wrap gifts is a must to Sleigh Salon Holiday!

  • Do: a few different gift wrap styles.
  • Do: Have the unwrapped item out for consumer to test and play with – have tools plugged in so they can turn them on!
  • Do: Stack wrapped gifts high and watch them fly!
  • Do: Charge an extra $.25 to gift price to pay for wrapping – if needed.
  • Do: Have employees wrap gifts as busy work!
  • DON’T: Brand your business on the gift wrapping – that’s not fun!
  • DO: Brand your business inside the gift box – add a bounce back for service – gift was given to someone – make them your customer!
  • DO: Think of the department stores – they stack gift sets EVERYWHERE! They have successful holiday seasons!
  • DO: offer curb-side pickup

Prompt, at the front desk – at the stylist’s chair.

Remind them who to shop for! Have lists up in the salon – stations, bathroom, waiting room, hand them a list to look over while they are shopping. Get cool cling stickers at

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Dog Walker
  • Child Care Giver
  • Sister
  • Mom-in-law
  • Dad-in-law
  • Grandma
  • Grandpa
  • Teacher
  • Babysitter
  • Lover
  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Co-worker
  • Boss

Add suggestions for the type of gift to give:

  • The Fashionista in your Life
  • The Millennial
  • The Home-schooling mom
  • The Hot Dad

We have all you need – right here!!

Clients are clicking on social media click bait to “fix” all their beauty needs.  We need to show them we have all the fun here at the salon.

  • Glow with Mr. & Mrs. Tannie – Self tanning is needed for winter months.
  • Tools – Flat Iron, Curl Irons, BLOW DRY BRUSHES, Blow Dryers, Brushes, Combs, Sectioning Clips
  • Men’s Grooming with GAGE for Men
  • Candles with Eufora
  • Refresh Skin with REF skin care
  • SachaJuan body care
  • ECRU – Lips & Lashes



Think like Birch Box – Hit all needs with all different kinds of product.  Create custom gift sets with a value-added:

  • Body wash & Lotion with free Exfoliating Mitt %20 value (Mr and Mrs Tannie)
  • Use your reward $$$ to get free items for custom gift sets! (2oz sizes)
  • The more you buy the more you get:
    • Buy 2 get % off
    • Buy 3 Get % off
    • Buy 5 or more Travel items get % off
  • When you purchase a Holiday Promo Box you get the opportunity for:
    • 10% off 1 styling product
    • 20% off two styling products
    • 30% off three or more styling products

Gift Cards

  • Push the $100 and up gift card – if you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.
  • Add a bounce back for the buyer – get a $25 Fusion Shine with $100 gift card purchase.


Tools only sell if you have them! Profits in tools can add up quick (for the hairdresser and the salon) get in the tool game!

  • Use them on your live events – show how they work.
  • Have features and benefits clearly marked.
  • Have your team show to each client – have them at the stations.
  • Staff will want to gift these too! Make sure they don’t buy up your stock – pre order for staff!
  • Each stylist makes a list of guests that needs to buy a tool!


Do you know the small business around you?  Here’s an opportunity to network!

  • Trade gift cards to give as value added gifts.
  • Do blasts for each other on email – set a schedule for this!
  • Trade gift cards to give to your top clients as a thank you this holiday!


Use your software to help you get sharper in your planning!

  • Pull a report of your top selling items. Promote them in creative ways.
  • Look up top retail clients and offer them special shopping opportunities.
  • Offer concierge shopping for the best clients!

Stylist Contest

Reward them with gifts that help them advance in their craft! Shears, Tools, Education!

  • When running a contest have everyone get a chance to be the winner!
  • Everyone who sells 25 gift sets this week wins $____!
  • Everyone who goes over goal wins $____!

Stylists love shears!! Talk to us about Shear Deals TOO!!

Sleigh Salon Holiday – Click Here to see all Cool Beauty Holiday Promos for Salons!

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