Digital is the gateway to real life.

digital is the gateway to real life

Digital is the gateway to real life. Human connection is the most valuable asset we have in business (and in life). Customer service is the obvious first step into true connection – let’s elevate into an all inclusive CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE!!

Thinking of customer experience generally brings to mind all the wonderful ways we can treat our customers while they are in our business, however the first experience a customer has with us is often digital!! Digital is now truly the gateway to a real-life experience.

Connecting with your customers through social media, blogs, an active website, etc is vital to business growth.

Our aim is to make the digital customer experience easy, quick, and informative. Let’s take a quick-checklist-approach to make sure our digital experience for our customers is setting us up for real life success!

digital is the gateway to real life


  • Address, phone number, contact email – all really easy to find!! Shouldn’t take more than one click.
    • You need to be able to click on the phone number and address from your phone and have it dial or open in maps.
    • Have your phone number on every page!
  • Updated with all current brands (remove any old info)
  • Updated with current staff (if applicable)
  • Remove unnecessary flash
  • Easy to navigate and find menu bars – everything optimized for mobile use.
  • Smart one-time pop ups, and only when needed. Remove all unnecessary pop ups.
  • It’s also smart to have a blog!! When done correctly this helps with SEO.
  • Links to all social media.


  • Update the ABOUT tab!
    • contact email, phone number, website. Make sure all links work!
  • Remove and/or reorganize all tabs that you don’t use. For example, if you have really awesome video content, move that higher up the list so your clients will find it sooner!
  • Pin to top. This is a feature where you can choose a post to pin to the top so a client sees it first when they scroll. Make sure this pinned post is updated.
  • Cover photo – make sure it looks on purpose! Keep it up-to-date.
  • Profile pic – should EASILY identify your salon brand. Logos are usually a great idea!


  • Upgrade your instagram to a business account! It’s free.
    • This allows you to add a call and email button for your clients to easily reach you.
    • This allows you to add a specific address that opens in maps, so your client can find you in one click.
  • Update your highlights.
    • These are saved from your stories, and a perfect way for a client to get to know your team, what you stand for, and your brands!
  • Add a few videos to IGTV!
    • Styling tips, etc.
  • Profile pic – make it the exact same as your Facebook profile pic for easy identification.


  • Make sure your business shows up properly on all popular maps features!! Apple map, google map, mapquest, Waze, etc!! Including your website and phone number. An internet search on the topic can guide you through this process.
  • Search for your business name in these apps – make sure you show up!
  • Search for hair salon (beauty salon, barber shop, salon, etc) and make sure you show up!

These simple tips will keep your business up-to-date and easy to navigate for your clients!! Now your first step in an extraordinary customer experience has begun, even before the client walks into the salon!

Thank you for being a part of the Cool Beauty Family! We deeply value your business.

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