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Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Times they-are-a-changin’ and in this new reality of Covid-19, businesses need to pivot.

Thinking differently is a necessity in order to move your business forward.

When it comes to recruiting new talent to your salon, beauty schools have been an invaluable source for many salon owners. However, because of the nationwide occupancy guidelines surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, many cosmetology schools are unable to have guest speakers. So, where does that leave you, the salon owner? How can we continue to be in a state of recruitment of new talent in order to facilitate a growing salon? What is our best option?

The answer is truly right in front of us: Digital recruiting, of course!

Society has become a peer-to-peer influencing environment. So, what better way to share what you have to offer with new talent than to share your team with them!

For you to attract new talent from cosmetology schools, plan to reach them where they are, in life and in their studies. Create a way for them to relate to you. We here at Cool Beauty have the ideas and tools to help you!

Pick stylists from your team that are close to the students’ age, stylists that are having tremendous success.

Here are a few surefire steps:

  • Hire a professional videographer. Have him or her come to your salon and capture your staff on video. The topic should be, “Why did you choose to work here?”
  • Edit as a montage and include some footage of the physical space to show off your salon.
  • Contact your local cosmetology schools and inform them of what you have and ask them for the best contact to email the video link to.
  • Ask the schools for feedback and resumes. Seek the opportunity to continue to connect.

This doesn’t have to be a large budget. Discuss the opportunity to cross-promote with the videographer. More times than not they are eager to accept this win-win opportunity.

These videos are great not only for recruitment but also for social media posts. If you really want to get attention, you can promote the video as ads to a targeted audience on Facebook and Instagram. If your salon has a LinkedIn page, then that is also a valuable social media platform to utilize.


Recruiting and Retaining Talent

An additional benefit is the branding in the eyes of your salon’s clients and your marketplace. For this group of people to see that your stylists love their career and their place of work is invaluable!

We highly recommend that you include your Front desk- and Leadership team in these videos.

Another huge perk is that your team will experience a renewed excitement for their career and for the salon. For stylists that have been with you for quite some time this can be a shot in the arm that they very well could need in this time of new health guidelines and working all day with a mask on.

Last but never least we want to tout one of our favorite subjects: Photoshoots! Something that you can do is conduct an annual or semi-annual photoshoot so that your stylists can capture their creativity and work on film and then showcase it to the world. The moral in your salon will go through the roof! We encourage making a short video about the shoot to share. This is included in the YouTube playlist here:

It’s important to have your culture visible, as well as sharing it, with the people you’re looking to recruit. To share your vision with your team and help them seeing it too is crucial for the longevity of your salon’s success. This is tangible proof that they can see what you’ve been talking about the whole time, since day one.

Retaining and recruiting talent

When you follow these steps that we’ve shared here, you’ll find that recruiting and helping others in building a great career puts you front-center in the company culture you want to create, and as a result your team, existing as well as future, will thrive. For many years to come.

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