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In professional salon coaching and consulting we hear a lot of feedback from salon owners and stylists on roadblocks and obstacles in the way of their success. Creativity is the key skill for most hairdressers, and the skill needed to move past any business barrier.

Think about it. When you are truly committed to plan you will find ways to make it happen. Your mind naturally seeks creative solutions to the roadblocks in the way. For example: let’s say you want to move to a new city, but you don’t have enough money to do it. What do you do? Whine about how it is never going to happen? OR, start searching for jobs in the new city, search for a roommate to make costs lower, call all your friends and family to see if they know anyone in the city, set a time limit on when it will happen, sell all your furniture, etc. The COMMITMENT to making it happen opens up the mind to CREATIVE thinking that will propel you forward.

Let’s put this idea in action:

  1. In your salon business what are you currently stuck on?
  2. In what area would you be most thrilled if you experienced massive growth?
  3. What situation/system/problem is causing your small business stress and grief?

Are you truly committed to improving?

Have you said the words, “I’ve tried everything, and nothing worked?”

My question to you: Have you really tried EVERYTHING?

What if your life depended on the solution? What would you do then?

Here are three common problems we hear as we consult with salons across the country, along with some creative thinking that will accompany your commitment to success!

“I can’t find good people for my salon’s front desk. I am not getting any good applicants.”

  1. Look in the mirror. Self-evaluate. Would you want to work for you?
  2. Clearly define the job expectations so you know what type of candidate to keep an eye out for.
  3. Where have you recruited? Do people even know you are looking? (craigslist doesn’t count)
  4. Make sure everyone knows that are you recruiting: includes staff members, extended family, etc.
  5. Where do you spend money? Where have you had great customer service? Recruit from these businesses:
    • Restaurants (servers, hosts, bartenders)
    • Stores at the mall
    • Department stores
    • Cell phone store
    • Office supply stores

“Where do you find good stylists and/or apprentices? I am not getting any (or enough) new applicants.”

  1. See 1-5 above
  2. Cosmetology Schools!! Visit them every month!! ALWAYS be recruiting the best and the freshest talent! Take time to practice and prepare your presentations!
    1. For a complete guide to recruiting attend Business Fusion on May 19-20 in Chicago!! We cover recruitment and salon shadowing in depth!

“How do I get faster at haircutting/highlighting/applying color/etc?”

  1. When did you last attend a class? Hands-on. Go to more.
  2. Research online resources.
  3. Who is the fastest in your salon? Ask them to stay after a few weeks in a row to help you get better. Bring in models. Do more hair!
  4. Be willing to change your current techniques.
  5. Move your arms faster (some people move their hands so slow – it’s painful to watch)
  6. Buy a mannequin. PRACTICE. Every day do 5 heads of foils after you get home. Be willing to put in the effort.
  7. Lastly, make sure you have a clearly defined end result in mind. A ton of extra foils often comes from indecision about the final look.

Your creative, solution-driven idea doesn’t even necessarily need to be unique. There are many more situations in life where you struggle, and someone else doesn’t. Find someone who is winning in the category where you need help, and do what they do! It comes down to EFFORT and COMMITMENT! Go do something about it and force the world to conform to your will!

Cool Beauty Consulting is here to provide an advanced level of support for your salon business! Thank you for choosing us!

Empowering growth and success!

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