Grow Your Strengths


Finding confidence behind the chair at your hair salon can sometimes be tricky. Even for the seasoned hair professionals.

Have you ever driven home from work and recapped your entire day in your head? Thought through the hair you did, conversations you had, formulas you created, etc. Everything is going fine, everyone loved their hair that day, except that one lady!! Then she takes over. Everything she said. Everything you did. You thought she was going to love her hair, and she didn’t. You mentally harass yourself about her hair appointment for the rest of the drive home. Then it comes up again when you’re trying to go to sleep. Dang it. It creeps back into your mind the next morning in the shower

“Ugh I can’t believe she didn’t like her hair.”

“I wish she wasn’t so mean about it.”

“I’m never going to try a formula like that again.” Etc.

It haunts you for weeks. No matter how many people LOVED their hair. SHE is the memory that lingers. WHY? Join Paula Henson through this video for an exercise on retraining your brain to find the positive and grow your strengths!!

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