New clients through social media – now what?!

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grow your clientele with social media

You’ve attracted new clients through social media – now what? It’s important to create a lasting memorable impact with that client so they continue to come back to your salon for years, and bring their friends! Growing your salon and hair business with qualified clients that last!

Being Remarkable: [rəˈmärkəb(ə)l]


worthy of attention; striking.


extraordinary, exceptional, amazing, astonishing, marvelous, wonderful, sensational, stunning, incredible, unbelievable, phenomenal, outstanding, impressive, memorable, unforgettable, noteworthy, great, distinctive, important, prominent, rare, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, stupendous, awesome, out of this world, unreal, wondrous

In the hairdressing industry the human connection is what creates the lasting relationship – making sure that clients describe you as remarkable (or any of those amazing synonyms)! Your digital footprint promotes your In-Person Brand. You gain new clients through social media – now what?!”

The 9 Elements of In-Person Branding is how you brand yourself to keep those clients.

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Thank you for choosing Cool Beauty Consulting, where your success is cool! Now that you are gaining new clients through social media, let us assist you in the best salon practices to keep and expand that clientele!

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