The impact beauty pros have on clients’ lives

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Cool Beauty Magazine Winter 2018

You are amazing! You are a critical component of society and the economy!

Let me share a personal story: early in my career, while working in south Florida during the heyday of Miami Vice, I thought I was the coolest hairdresser in the world. I was rocking my big, permed, bi-level haircut (aka mullet). Pastel suits and no socks were the rule. I felt completely super-cool.

One day a client of mine came in, I had been doing her hair for about a year. She brought her daughter with her, she looked like a little kid. She needed to get her hair done for her 8th grade dance. While I was doing her updo I looked over at her mom – who had a Kodak 110 camera in her hands. It looked like a brick with a square flash on it (some of you may remember, or maybe I am dating myself. Lol). My client is taking pictures as I work on her daughter’s hair and I can see that she’s tearing up. In all of my egotistical wisdom I thought that I had done something wrong. Maybe the hair wasn’t good? Did she not like it? In my head, it became all about me.

Later, I realized that she was watching her baby become a young woman right in front of her very eyes. That moment was super big and very emotional for her. When I recall this memory, I think about all of the other moments in our customers lives in which we are so impactful. Think about it: the first haircuts, 8th grade dances, proms, weddings, all big social dates in the calendar of their lives.

So, I ask all you beauty pros out there to visualize this: you walk in to the home of one of your clients and start looking through photo albums. Photos of all of these important times in their lives. Look closely in these photo albums and you’ll see someone else – YOU. It’s your work that has made the difference in small and big ways.

Nothing in contemporary society happens without us. There aren’t any movies made in Hollywood, television shows created, Emmys, Grammys, weddings, proms, etc., without us.

We rock and we always have! Create more, charge more, be more!!

Bennie Pollard

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