When is it okay to compare?

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When is it okay to compare

The comparison game. It can be a tricky one. It is a natural instinct to compare ourselves to others, and we are generally coached against it.

  • Don’t compare your business to another business that has been open longer.
  • Don’t compare your beauty standards against someone else’s.
  • Don’t compare your success against someone else’s description of success.
  • Don’t compare your relationship with another couple.

A big list of don’t; but when is a good time for comparison? Is there a good time? When can comparing create motivation or perspective?

Here are some great instances to utilize comparison for your advantage:

Whenever you are throwing yourself an epic pity party! You’re feeling like everything goes wrong for you. You’re feeling like the world is out to get you. You try soooooo hard, and it isn’t working. Etc. This is a great time for two types of comparison.

  1. Compare your thoughts, life, success (whatever your having a pity party about) to yourself 5 years ago. Take a good look at your own growth. Write down a list of things you’ve accomplished. Reflect on your successes!! This is a very helpful type of comparison. You v/s You. Give yourself a big high five and keep going. Plus, if you’re not happy with the comparison – you have complete control of yourself, so it’s easier to change.
  2. Compare yourself to someone less fortunate. Here me out on this one. Perspective is key. You could be feeling awful because for the third year in a row your business has not hit it’s goals and is barely profitable. Compared to someone that just wishes they would be able to afford going to hair school. Or we could be dramatic and point out that 1 in 7 people can’t read. You are reading this now. You are blessed. Perspective. Take a moment to make a list of things you are grateful for!!

Comparison can also be fantastic within a healthy competitive relationship. Compare your service dollars and retail sales number with a peer at work. Get competitive. Try to beat each other!! Create small bets when you win. Celebrate each other! Push each other! Be honest with each other! Teach each other!! Keep score (a synonym of comparison). With a healthy mindset this type of comparison can ignite growth. The right partner is key – have them read this first so you are on the same wavelength.

Comparing works really well when you are measuring business growth in numbers. Be sure to compare this year’s P&L against last years. This month’s profits against last months. This January against last January. etc. Knowing the numbers and math in your business is vital, and comparing them against your previous numbers is a major way we keep score in our own business. Here is a list of numbers we suggest tracking:

  • Average service dollar per client
  • Average retail purchase dollar per client
  • Rescheduling percentage
  • Biggest day ever! (in services and in retail)

There are a TON more numbers that are vital in your P&L as well, however the list above is a great place to begin for a salon or an individual service provider. We recommending knowing these numbers for both!!

Lastly, sometimes it’s good to be a bit hard on yourself – push yourself to the max. And, sometimes it’s good to give yourself a break and simply breathe. Your success is up to you!

When is it okay to compare

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