Hairdressing is for dumb girls?


We’ve all heard it before; hairdressing is for dumb girls. People that weren’t smart enough to make it in college. People that lack focus. If you decided to be a hairdresser someone probably told you that you wouldn’t make any money, or that you were making a bad choice. Hopefully you had nothing but support, but odds are – someone was unkind.

We know as seasoned professionals that this is not true, however the thought that hairdressing is for dumb girls can sometimes still linger in the back of our minds. It can cause us to hesitate in moments of opportunity.

hairdressing coach

A few years ago, I competed for the opportunity to speak to a room full of almost 3,000 coaching professionals. It was a part of the John Maxwell Certified coaching program. I had become a coach the year prior, and alumni could audition to tell a story to the room. About 120 auditioned, and 8 were picked! I was thrilled to be among the 8, and to tell my story of why hairdressers are awesome to a room full on non-hairdressers!

Hairdressing Coach
The final group of 30 that auditioned on stage! Bennie and Paula (top right)

Watch it here (about 3 minutes):

Afterwards, for the next two days while we were in training, I was approached countless times by people that were moved by my message. The three most common bits of feedback were:

  1. They always wanted to be a hairdresser too, and never did (wished they did).
  2. They knew a hairdresser that they wished had heard my speech (usually a loved family member).
  3. The thought that ‘weird was a good thing’ resonated deeply with them. They felt empowered by their uniqueness!

There is a short exercise at the end of this video encouraging you to train your gut – so it responds the way you need it to in moments of stress, doubt, or opportunity. I encourage you to complete the exercise for yourself.

I feel blessed and lucky that I found this profession. Hairdressers, salon owners, and beauty professionals are MY PEOPLE!

It is empowering to feel comfortable in your own skin!

It is empowering to find a group of like-minded professionals to share your success with!

It is empowering to know that you’ve had a small part in empowering others!!

Thank you for allowing me to me a member of your hair-family.

Calling all ‘dumb girls’ (obviously joking) out there!!! Let’s unite. Let’s show all the nay-sayers what it looks like to be a hairdressing professional!! And let’s charge them all full price (or more!)

Here is a link for a free class on Raising Your Prices that I would love for you to utilize!

OPPORTUNITY FOR THE BOLD: Share this blog post along with your list of positive things about yourself on Facebook (watch the video to understand). Let’s continue to give permission to all hairdressers and beauty professionals out there to charge more, be more, and expect more!!

Hairdressing is for dumb girls


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